Platform Partners

Platform Partners leverages over twenty years of fitness industry experience in its unique ability to transform the intellectual property of exemplary fitness professionals, athletes, clinicians and fitness brands into turnkey certifications, product lines, software, monetizable videos, and more.

Drawing on a team of technical talent possessing a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology, deep industry relationships, as well as the expertise of industry leaders, Platform Partners converts our clients' ideas, innovation and intellectual property into new revenue streams -- from product, to content, to events and seminar series.

Platform Partners' services also include creative experts, from video production to graphic design.

Platform Partners also provides logistical and venue-booking support, in the United States and abroad.

Platform Partners' executive management has proudly worked with industry icons like Charlie Weingroff, Dean Somerset, Leo Totten and Chris Duffin, as well as a variety of startups and established brands like Dove, Asics, vitaminwater, Adidas, and Aflac.

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